What’s a Good Length for a Synopsis?


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There’s more than one kind of synopsis. An Early Synopsis is a summary of your book that you write before you start. It can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a short story. My short story Oliver Troubles is close to the form of an early synopsis. If I’d spent more time with the idea, added relationships and a police investigation, it might have been a novella. You can make your early synopsis any length you’d like. It won’t be a true synopsis of your finished book. Your outline will change the story and writing the manuscript will change the story.

I’d like to walk quickly through the steps that lead to the true synopsis, also called the presentation synopsis, before talking about it.

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Novel Report – The Final Revision of Homicidal Tendencies is On

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I’m back in the writing groove and working on the final revision of Homicidal Tendencies. When I finished the third draft, I had the impression there was a lot of revision to be done and it put me off getting to the final draft. After a break, I’ve reviewed the outline and solved all the remaining problems with very few changes. I’m halfway through the revision after less than two weeks.

When I write these editorials, I prefer not to just talk about my projects. On the other hand, talking about what I’m doing now is talking about what you will be doing when you finish your own novel. What’s coming up now that the manuscript is almost ready?

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The Wheel of the Ebook Writing Life

The Wheel of the Ebook Writing Life

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There are several tasks that must be done if you want to make it as a writer selling ebooks online. I’ll say first that I haven’t started yet. Even if I was selling novels already, I wouldn’t know which part of this worked. I say they must all be done, but I’m ignoring some until I have the first book up for sale. If you think some steps are unnecessary or that I missed one, let me know.

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Are Short Stories Good Promos for Your Novels?

Are Short Stories Good Promos for Your Novels?

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Most people would agree. Short stories and novels are very different kinds of stories. Short stories must be simple because there isn’t enough room to develop a back story or to have change-overs. A short story is a short ride. If there is a twist, it’s at the end and creates the ending.

Most of the time, I leave collections of short stories in the book store. The only exception is when I’ve read a lot of novels by the same author. A writer’s short stories are rarely as good as their books. Louis L’amour’s short stories are horrible. Steven King’s short stories are okay. Fyodor Dostoevsky’s short stories are as good as his books. All three authors write great books. Their short stories are a different story. That leads to the question…

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24 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

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Do you spend a lot of time writing great blog posts and then find the visitor counts a big disappointment? Do you find yourself questioning your writing ability or choice of topics? Maybe it’s not your posts that are the problem. If the only people you’ve told about your blog are your friends and relatives, those are the only people who will visit. How can you spread the word further?

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Blogging for Fun and Profit

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If you enjoy writing and have one or more topics you’d like to share with the world, blogging may be for you. The first step is to get a blog.

Blogging for Fun

Even if you want to make money blogging, it’s not a bad idea to start with a free blog. WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and many
others offer a free blog. The only catch is that you can’t advertise unless you switch to their paid service. You can always do that later. A free blog gives you the opportunity to discover whether you can write articles people will enjoy. Also find out if you can post an article every week so visitors will keep coming back. This also gives you time to learn more about blogging from sites like Problogger while not spending money on an unprofitable blog.

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