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Thrillers are my favorite kind of novel, although I read many other genres as well. I thought it would be a good idea to write one or two. After years of researching the writing practice and re-writing the manuscript, I produced Homicidal Tendencies. I followed that with the novella Toe-Cutter which is available at no charge. See the link below.

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Toe-Cutter: A Thriller NovellaFREE

Toe-cutter2016 : 76 pages : 31,000 words

Not all that are evil deserve death. Can a man raised in violence be a force for good in a world where violence is a way of life? Vern wants out, away from the criminal fraternity and into a normal happy life. If only he could turn his back on friends in danger. His violent solutions keep taking him deeper into trouble until he has so many enemies he may never get out.

MOBI and EPUB: The epub and mobi versions are now available for free in my Google Drive Toe-Cutter folder. If you don’t have a google account, send me an email telling me which version you would like. My gmail is my author name with no spaces, 4444, and it’s at gmail.com. I hope that’s clear enough for you and foggy enough that web spiders won’t collect my email address.

POD: Deferred until I have enough novellas to make their own book.

If you enjoy this novella, consider leaving a review on the Toe-Cutter blog post so that other readers will know what you think of it.


Homicidal Tendencies: A Thriller Novel

Homicidal Tendencies2015 : 317 pages : 107,000 words

Dan and his gamer friends love multi-player video games so much they are planning their own game design studio. When a gang of drug dealers mistakes them for competition, they learn that talking their way out of trouble won’t work. The gamers are doing everything wrong. When the gang becomes the target of a serial killer, they are convinced the gamers are behind it. As the police and another gang start taking an interest, the gamers realize they could soon be dead or in prison. Will they take action to overcome their enemies and turn their lives around before the criminals take the choice away forever?

MOBI: Available from Amazon: CA, US, UK, AU, JP, IN, and other Amazon marketplaces.

ePUB: Available from KoboBooks, Chapters/Indigo, and other fine booksellers.

POD: Deferred, but not forever.


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