Writing for Clarity – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Writing for Clarity

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In university, you are taught to write essays that are well balanced. You need to present both sides of the issue without bias. If your paper happens to be biased in the same way as your professor that will be okay. They won’t even notice. I know. I wrote biased papers when I knew the prof’s bias and got high marks.

When you write in the real world, most paid writing requires a bias. Conservative magazines want a conservative slant. Liberal want liberal. Feminist want feminist. Ecological mags need you to be certain of global warming. You get the picture.

Unless you’re guest blogging, you’re not forced to take a side. Well balanced articles may be the result. There are good reasons you may not want to write balanced articles.

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Refining Your Blog Submission Process

Refining Your Blog Submission Process

Every blogger has a posting plan. If you aren’t worried about every detail, the plan is in your head. If you’re a perfectionist, you have a written plan that covers everything.

You may not need a written plan. I’m going to take you through my plan and you can decide for yourself. You may learn something more you could do for your blog. Conversely, you may see that I’m missing something. Anyway, here it is.

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When Should You Update Old Blog Articles?

When Should You Update Old Blog Articles?

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If you’re thinking about reviewing your old blog articles and making changes, forget it. Who will see it? Almost nobody. The best way to update an old article is with a new article. The only update you need in the old article is a link at the top pointing them to the updated information. If both articles are significantly different, put the link at the bottom.

Linking related articles within a website is always a good idea. It keeps visitors on your site and improves their chances of finding the information they want.

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How to Build a Personal Brand

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Write your articles cleanly focused on your topic with no deviations and you will be one more competent writer in a crowd of competent writers. Nobody searches for a writer who fits in with the crowd. Any similar writer will do. How can you stand out? How can you build a personal brand?

Finding Your Brand

Your brand is not what you would like to be doing. It is what you are doing. How do you spend your time? What’s your job? Who do you socialize with? What do you talk about? What do you write? What do you read?

The ancient saying “Know Yourself” is important for finding your brand. You may think you know who you are, but how much of that is a fiction? What do you really do? What are your obsessions? What fascinates you?

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Nine Steps to Finding Your Blogging Niche

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 Before you start a blog, it’s important to find a niche you’ll enjoy writing. Any subject that interests you will become enjoyable to write about with practice. The more you enjoy your writing, the more what you write will be enjoyable to read.

I fell backwards into this writing blog. It was started to document a film project. When that fell through, I continued studying screenwriting and blogged about that. At first, I didn’t enjoy writing about writing. Shouldn’t writing be about something other than writing? But I love both learning and writing and it’s working for me. Writing about writing has become more enjoyable as I’ve continued with several kinds of writing, studied more, and tried new writing ideas as research for the blog. The same can happen for you, but first you need to find your niche.

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24 Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

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Do you spend a lot of time writing great blog posts and then find the visitor counts a big disappointment? Do you find yourself questioning your writing ability or choice of topics? Maybe it’s not your posts that are the problem. If the only people you’ve told about your blog are your friends and relatives, those are the only people who will visit. How can you spread the word further?

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Blogging for Fun and Profit

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If you enjoy writing and have one or more topics you’d like to share with the world, blogging may be for you. The first step is to get a blog.

Blogging for Fun

Even if you want to make money blogging, it’s not a bad idea to start with a free blog. WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and many
others offer a free blog. The only catch is that you can’t advertise unless you switch to their paid service. You can always do that later. A free blog gives you the opportunity to discover whether you can write articles people will enjoy. Also find out if you can post an article every week so visitors will keep coming back. This also gives you time to learn more about blogging from sites like Problogger while not spending money on an unprofitable blog.

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