10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Method

10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Method

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I’ve proposed many different kinds of writing plans, and will propose many more. If you have no idea what you want to write, writing plans are a good lead. They give you something to work on for writing practice until you know what you want to do.

On the other hand, the writing plans that will work best for you are ones you create yourself. As you write, you will develop your own methods. Some will slow you down and others will speed you along. You need to use what gets the job done. Along the way, it doesn’t hurt to learn what else is available.

What writing plans have I proposed so far?

Eight Article Writing Methods gives a short overview of many methods of writing articles.

Fourteen Ways to Create Multiple Articles on a Topic is another plan for article writing.

Prolific Pulp Fiction the Ryoki Inoue Way is about using pulp fiction writing methods to write more. It’s great for first drafts. You can move from pulp to quality in the second draft.

Prolific Writing Using Caidin Methods makes a guess at the writing methods of another prolific writer.

Prolific Revision – An Alternate Caidin Method is another article about Caidin’s writing method and a new trick I started using.

Write Systematically and Become More Productive is about creating a system for your writing.

Cultivating the Writing Habit is about the importance of making writing a regular habit.

The Journey of 1000 Pages Starts with One Paragraph explains how to get a big writing job done by breaking it into small steps.

What Makes a Novel Into a Page-Turner? presents a collection of ideas to make your chapters zip along and keep the tension high as readers hurry from chapter to chapter.

Stages of the Writing Process is my most important article about manuscript writing. It details the writing plan used by writers for decades. Unless you’re a seat-of-your-pants writer, this gives an overview of what you should be doing for a book length manuscript.

I had ignored some of the steps in “Stages of the Writing Process” in the belief I would get my novels written faster. Practice proved me wrong. Without a synopsis, my first novel was too short. Without an outline, my second got lost along the way. It pays to follow every stage of the plan.

I know I’ve written more than these few articles with tips about writing methods, but those seem to be the most important ones. I’m sure I will be writing more of that kind as I continue writing novels. And I will be writing those novels using my preferred methods. Reading and writing about methods used by others influences how I write and how fast I write. I’m sure it’s the same for you.

Keep refining your own personal writing method and you can only get better and faster as you put it into practice.

Article by Ivan Izo.


23 More Ways to Generate Article Ideas

23 More Ways to Generate Article Ideas

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I’ve previously written about Places to Get Article Ideas. The following list suggests more ways to dream up and research articles.

1. Write about something that pisses you off.

2. Write an anti-article. For example, six ways to gain weight fast. The idea is that readers will use the tips in reverse.

3. Review your article ideas list for ideas you keep passing up and consider the opposite bias. Can’t get going on an article about how to proofread? Write one on when you shouldn’t.

4. Look for ideas when you are nowhere near your keyboard. While driving, shopping, working, or out with friends.

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Writer on Fire’s 10 Best Writing Tips

Writer on Fire's 10 Best Writing Tips

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Since 2010, I’ve written many writing tips. These are the ten best.

How to Take a Break While Writing is about writing more by using two writing projects as breaks from each other.

Write More By Reading Yourself is about how pieces you have written in the past can be written again if you’ve continued learning your subject.

Cut More and Improve Your Writing emphasizes the importance of cutting your writing to improve it.

What Are Your Writing Limits? is about pushing your limits by exploring different writing types and working on your skills in the various writing tasks.

Write What You Know discusses the full implications of this concept.

Are You Using Swipe Files? is about using examples of good writing to improve your work.

Create Tension in Your Writing discusses the importance of tension in fiction and suggests some ways to build it.

Fiction Genres looks at 14 movie genres to give you an idea of the many possibilities for a novel.

Great Start – Better Start Over is about recovering from a stalled writing project.

Stages of the Writing Process outlines the full 11 steps that can be used to complete a piece of writing.

These articles cover a variety of writing types. You’ll have to forgive me if fiction writing seems to predominate. It’s my favorite type of writing. I hope this helps.

Article by Ivan Izo.

How to Write Shorter Articles

How to Write Shorter Articles

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If you can answer a reader’s question in 500 words instead of 1000, you’re doing them and yourself a great favor. Most readers just want to know how to do something or learn something interesting about your blog topic.

That’s one reason to write short articles. There are others. It’s an easy way to start your day with writing because it gives you a feeling of accomplishment right away. Shorter articles also give you practice at cutting needless words and sentences.

There are several ways to write short articles.

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What is a Good Article Length?

What is a Good Article Length?

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The perfect article length is one that answers the question from the headline completely with no unnecessary words. That perfect length article could be 300 words in point form or 1200 words explained in detail. What are internet readers looking for?

Internet readers are looking for answers to questions. Most are not visiting to have a leisurely read. They want to read a quick article and move on. What do the writing forums say about article length?

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How to Write Several Articles When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

How to Write Several Articles When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

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Motivation is highly overrated. If you’ve set yourself a daily writing goal, you need to do it whether you feel like it or not. That’s what makes you a writer. This post talks about articles, but it could just as easily be about short stories or chapters in a novel or non-fiction book.

If you have many articles in progress, simply reading through them will lead to working on them. You’ll think of ideas and information you want to add. Keep cycling through article ideas, outlines, first drafts, second drafts, and final drafts. You know this works.

If you don’t have any articles in progress, make some up. Don’t worry about starting with sensible ideas. You feel like doing nothing. Waste some time with silly ideas. Write enough on a silly thought and some sense often comes out of it.

More on this, did you say?

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Writer on Fire’s 10 Best Article Writing Tips

Writer on Fire's 10 Best Article Writing Tips

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Since 2010, I’ve written many posts on how to write articles. Here are the best of the bunch.

Eight Article Writing Methods talks about methods for writing one article at a time, creating an article series, and maximizing your productivity on a topic.

How to Keep Generating New Ideas is about re-formulating ideas from others, keeping an ideas file, and how to search out more ideas.

Need More Articles? Write a Book encourages you to outline a book on your topic and then mine the outline for article ideas.

How To Write A List Article is self explanatory.

Quick Bonus Articles – Comment Posts is about turning long comments into blog posts.

Nine Places to Get Article Ideas offers help filling up your writing ideas file.

Speedy Article Writing talks about the six steps for writing an article quickly and then suggests a way to jump start your creative process.

Five Ways to Reboot Your Article Writing suggests some of the standard ways to write articles and a couple of wacky ideas.

Write High Quality Articles Fast discusses many steps that can help you automatically write articles fast.

Fourteen Ways to Create Multiple Articles on a Topic covers different types of articles, their scope, changes that refresh your writing, maximizing your research, and when to split a long article in two.

If you want to find inspiration to write more articles, you can’t go wrong with this series.

Article by Ivan Izo.

Book Reviews for Fun and Profit

Book Reviews for Fun and Profit

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How can book reviews be fun? That’s something you had to do for school? And profit? People give away their book reviews.

It’s not that kind of fun or profit.

I’m suggesting you write a review any time a book gives you something you can use. Books supply us with new information and ideas. A great idea that’s only in your head can get lost in the noise. Write it down and you will have it forever.

It may be something that gives you insights into your personal and social life or that demonstrates writing techniques worth imitating. With practice, you can find something that feeds your writing in almost everything you read.

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