Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Take Your Writing to the Next Level

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Only a small percentage of writers take their writing to the next level. I’m sure there are statistics for each transition just as I’m sure the numbers are all over the place depending on the source. I’ll go with the fiction that 10% take the step to the next level.

What stage are you at in your writing?

Will you take the next step?

What are these steps?

Stage 1: Wanting to Write

Anyone who has every written anything will sometimes get the passing thought that maybe they should try writing a book. Someday. Not today, but soon. Some will even read some books, magazines, and blogs about writing. Out of these dreamers, 10% take the plunge and write something.

Stage 2: Writing Something

This stage is full of starts and stops. They write articles and short stories. The lengths are out of control. Too short. Too long. Projects get lost part way through and are abandoned. Some book length projects may be attempted, but fail. More writing study is needed and many make the commitment. Of these, again, it’s 10% who move on and write a book.

Stage 3: Writing a Book

A book is no small task. A full length book is 100,000 words give or take 10,000. The job is not as easy as it seems before the attempt. Most people who manage to write a book never write another one. It took too long. It was too much effort. They didn’t like the result enough to even try to get it published. That’s the next stage.

Stage 4: Writing a Book Worth Publishing

Your first book might be worth publishing, but it will take a lot of polishing and revision. The odds are high that you will need to write several books before you write one you can sell to a publisher. John Creasey, author of over 600 novels, wrote nine novels before one was accepted by a publisher. Amanda Hocking wrote 17 novels before seeing success.

Many who have finally gotten a book published looked at the amount of work it took and the amount of money they made and given up. A small percentage, 10% is the fiction we’re going with, decided to continue the fight.

Stage 5: Writing More Books

The more you write, the better you get at it and the faster you can write. You also discover what it is you want to write. Maybe that first book wasn’t your genre or subject. The next one will be more on target. You are a writer now in every sense of the word.

I’m at Stage 3 and hope that good editing will take my novel to Stage 4.

What stage are you at in your writing?

Will you take the next step?

Article by Ivan Izo.


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