How to Write Shorter Articles

How to Write Shorter Articles

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If you can answer a reader’s question in 500 words instead of 1000, you’re doing them and yourself a great favor. Most readers just want to know how to do something or learn something interesting about your blog topic.

That’s one reason to write short articles. There are others. It’s an easy way to start your day with writing because it gives you a feeling of accomplishment right away. Shorter articles also give you practice at cutting needless words and sentences.

There are several ways to write short articles.

Get to the Point Immediately

In other words, just answer the question. Ignore the options and give a one-sided answer.

For example, consider an article called “How to Get Out of a Depressive Mood”. A long article would look at the causes and several options. A short article would focus on one easy solution. “Get out of the house and do something social.” It might have a few suggestions on social activities but that would be it.

Use a List or Steps

A list of options or steps to complete a task also makes for a short article. You may not realize it, but many of your readers only read the headings of your long articles. When you feel you must write a long article, use the options or steps as headings and you will satisfy those readers.

Edit Your Long Article

You wanted to write a short article and somehow it came out over 500 words. It’s time to edit. Which parts are meat and which are fat? The introduction and conclusion can usually go. They are just a summary that is there because the article is long, but save that step for last. First, read through your article and look for paragraphs that don’t add anything. Then, cut and shorten sentences. Finally, look for words that don’t need to be there, especially adjectives and adverbs. Now your article should be short enough to dump the intro and conclusion.


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