What’s Happening?

What's Happening?

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Greetings, visitor. If you’re a regular, you may be wondering where the posts have gone. I’m not on a blogging break. I’m writing the third revision of my novel and the last 18 chapters needed to be written from scratch.

The smart way to write the first draft of a chapter is quick and sloppy. It can be cleaned up in the second revision. These chapters can’t have a second revision. The only remaining revision for my novel is the final. Since I’m now down to the last four chapters, I’m abandoning the hard way of writing and doing them right. By writing a quick first draft of the last four chapters followed by giving them a second revision, I will get them done by the weekend. Then, I can post a novel report and it’s back to posting three times a week.

I’ve always had some trouble switching between writing non-fiction blog articles and long fiction. My solution has been to do one or the other. I can write an article or more every day when I’m not working on a novel. In March, I wrote 56 articles. August will be another article writing month and blog posting will be back on schedule.

It wasn’t just my focus on writing my novel that killed my blog posting. It was the Alexa ranking. Even though I was still posting three articles a week, the ranking went downhill. I spent some time worrying about what was going on there. My visitors didn’t drop. My posting hadn’t dropped. The links in to my site hadn’t dropped. A search for articles on how Alexa ranks websites didn’t help. All that fuss and worry distracted me from working on my novel. I took the easy way out and ignored Writer on Fire. I stopped posting and let the Alexa ranking slide. I’m working on becoming a novelist, not a blogger.

I track the Alexa ranking so I can follow my site’s history. How am I doing compared to last week or last month? Maybe I should drop it if the changes don’t tell me anything. Less administration means more writing. Whether I drop it or not, I will be back to posting three times a week starting this weekend.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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