Writer on Fire’s 10 Best Articles on Prolific Writing

Writer on Fire's 10 Best

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Since 2009, I’ve written many articles on prolific writing. The following are my 10 best.

On Free-writing and Spontaneous Writing describes two kinds of writing exercises that can get you pumping out words on days you can’t seem to get going.

How To Use Pulp Fiction Methods For Quality Writing talks about the advantage of using pulp fiction methods for writing first drafts.

Think Less – Write More is about turning off your internal editor and how to use the editor when it won’t shut up.

How to Think Like a Prolific Writer presents six methods that will help you think like a prolific writer.

Become a Master Writer in Only 10,000 Hours talks about the importance of writing as much as you can because writers are made, not born.

Prolific Writing is a Skill talks about the importance of continuing to learn as you write.

Six Secrets to Prolific Writing presents some common sense tips that will get you writing more.

Pulp Fiction – Feast or Foul? explains why writing pulp fiction is a bad idea and then gives reasons for you to give it a try.

Write More Daily is about overcoming distractions and taking steps to increase your productive writing.

Writer’s Block: Myth or Reality? teaches you how to develop the tools to wipe out writer’s block using problem specific cures, blanket cures, and methods that overpower writer’s block.

There are so many ideas here that you may not want to read them all in one sitting. On the other hand, you can always make notes. Every prolific writer has that skill. If you’re not a note taker already, today is a great day to start.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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