What is a Good Article Length?

What is a Good Article Length?

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The perfect article length is one that answers the question from the headline completely with no unnecessary words. That perfect length article could be 300 words in point form or 1200 words explained in detail. What are internet readers looking for?

Internet readers are looking for answers to questions. Most are not visiting to have a leisurely read. They want to read a quick article and move on. What do the writing forums say about article length?

Short Articles

Short articles never create a buzz. Less than 300 words and you’ve written a flier. Between 300 and 500 words can pass as an article, but you probably haven’t said much unless it’s a point form article or a list.

Article directories want about 500 words per article. These often feel like fluff pieces. One idea and not much information. One idea is okay, but the reader wants to learn something they didn’t already know. That will usually take a few more words.

Long Articles

Above 800 words is getting to be a long article. Above 1000 may be too long. Really long articles aren’t going to get read unless the reader is really interested. Evaluate your content and decide whether it’s full of captivating information or you need to do some cutting.

Above 2000 words, we’re getting into magazine article length. That’s great if it is a magazine article. It’s what people expect in a magazine. When blog articles are long, readers skip it and move on to the next search engine link.

You can save a long article. I’ll get into that in a minute. But first, what are the good length articles?

Good Length Articles

Good Articles are between 500 and 1000 words. When you get to 1000 words, an article is much more developed. It’s more informative and when the reader scrolls to check out the length it’s still not too long.

Longer Articles That Succeed

Longer articles succeed when they are really interesting. Any length article will succeed if you make it interesting. You need to use the same methods as novel writers.

Make the first sentence a hook that makes them want to finish the first paragraph. Make the first paragraph interest them in reading the entire article.

Break the article up into sections so that they can decide to read just to the next break. Then put either tension or a cliffhanger at the break so they will decide to read the next section. A question to be answered by the next section also works.

What’s the right length for an article? Between 500 and 1000 words, but any length can succeed if you make it interesting.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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