The Wheel of the Ebook Writing Life

The Wheel of the Ebook Writing Life

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There are several tasks that must be done if you want to make it as a writer selling ebooks online. I’ll say first that I haven’t started yet. Even if I was selling novels already, I wouldn’t know which part of this worked. I say they must all be done, but I’m ignoring some until I have the first book up for sale. If you think some steps are unnecessary or that I missed one, let me know.

Write interesting novels that readers can’t put down

Your novels will need to grab the reader from page one and keep them reading until the end. Anything less and they aren’t going to spread the word. There’s no publisher backing you up with publicity. Word of mouth and social media is important. Besides your efforts below, you will need to write excellent books to succeed.

Write interesting articles or short stories and post them to a blog

A blog is the easiest way to spread the word each time you put out a new book. Your blog will need readers if it’s going to work, so get writing some posts. They could be about writing or short stories to show examples of your work. I do both. I think I should write more short stories.

Promote your blog content

Use social media to promote your blog when you put up a new post. If all you ever use it for is to announce new posts on your own blog, you probably won’t get many followers. To avoid that, share links when you are researching for your blog.

Since social media updates can be lost in a sea of updates from other users, you need additional ways to create blog awareness.

Comment on other blogs

When you read an interesting blog article and have something you can contribute to the discussion, post a comment. Most will let you leave a link to your blog. Comments by others will also have those links. It can be an easy way to find more blogs on subjects of interest. You can comment on those blogs too if they’re good.

Comment in online forums

This is almost the same as commenting on blogs except the discussions may be more time consuming. Pick forums that really interest you or forget about this step.

Guest post on other blogs

Lately there have been suggestions that guest posting is bad for your blog because of the quality of the links back to your blog. That seems illogical. If your going to guest post, you will do it for sites that have more popularity than your own blog and that’s not a bad link.

There’s lots of reading and writing in this plan. Since you’re writing books, I know you can do it.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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