Is Writing the High Point of Your Day?

Is Writing the High Point of Your Day?

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Screenwriters are advised to search out their favorite scene in a script and cut it. Why would they want to do that? Because that scene overshadows the rest of the story.

Anyone who has watched Unforgiven (1992, Warner Bros.) has probably gone on YouTube to watch the final shootout at the bar again and again. That one scene is the highlight of the movie. I’d watch the movie again if the chance came up but I must have watched that one scene a dozen times. The rest of the movie is boring by comparison. But it’s not a boring movie.

I hear your objection. They couldn’t have cut that scene. That’s right. What they could have done was put in more action, more fight scenes, and less talking. I’m not going to re-watch the movie and try to fix the script. The point is that by making that one scene stand out, they’ve made it what is most memorable. Most people aren’t looking for more by the same writer. You don’t want that to happen with your own writing.

There are two solutions to cutting the best scene. The simple solution is cutting it and re-writing. The tougher solution is revising the story so that it becomes one of many great scenes. Change from one great scene to a great movie or novel.

How does this relate to the high point of your day?

The Non-Writing High Point of Your Day

What is the non-writing high point in your day? Can it be cut? Should it be cut? Is it such a high point that you’d rather do that than write? I don’t want to spoil your fun but, if you’re going to be a writer, writing needs to be more interesting than anything else you do.

One high point of my day used to be popping a DVD into the player and watching a favorite movie. I have a few hundred. I could always rationalize it by saying I was learning story types. That was a loss of two hours I could have used for writing. I don’t do that daily any more. What high point can you sacrifice for the sake of your writing?

Writing Should Not Be the High Point of Your Day

It should be your day. If you work, part of your day isn’t writing, but after a couple of months at the same job it all blends together as one “scene” doesn’t it? It isn’t a high point because it’s a scene that lasts eight hours. The rest of your day has high point potential.

Writing becomes the high point of your day when it is one of several things you do outside of work. Even then, it is the high point only if it’s what you like best. Other events can have high point days but mostly it’s the same old same old.

You should want to eliminate every kind of high point of the day. A non-writing high point takes away from writing. Writing as the high point means you have too many other things going on. You’ll never make it as a writer that way.

Like the high point in the movie, you need to eliminate the high point by creating more of the same. Even it out. Change writing from the one or two hours a day you currently give it to four to six hours. Instead of being the high point of your day, it becomes your day. The more time you spend time writing, the faster you will grow as a writer.

Do you see the logic? Is writing the high point of your day?

Article by Ivan Izo.


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