Quality, Smuality

Quality, Smuality

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For a long time, all this post had was a title. I thought it was going to be about how we can never be good judges of our own work. We must give it our best and let others judge. But wait…

Others often don’t say anything. Like with this blog. I don’t see many comments. The articles could be great or they could suck. I haven’t a clue. Maybe a couple of clues. There have been some comments. But, the idea that we need to let others be the judge of our work doesn’t fly when you think about it.

You can’t focus on quality during the first draft. It would never get written.

You can go for quality in the second draft as you fix things and re-write the bad parts. But at this point, you are the only one seeing your work. That makes you the only judge.

Once the final draft is out there, your work is done. So, the opinions of other people don’t really matter. You have to go for the best quality you know how to write. Your readers will vote with their dollars by either buying your books or not.

You Want Me to Forget About Quality?

Not at all. You should always be learning more about writing while continuing to write. If you only write and don’t study anything about writing, your writing won’t improve much. If you only study writing and don’t do any writing, your writing won’t improve at all. You need to do both. Is there a formula? You bet.

We hear it again and again from published writers. They write until they must take a break and then they study writing until they must write again. If you’re an aspiring novelist, write as much as you can. When you get stuck, read some writing tips and get back at it.

You will learn more from the writing than you ever will from reading books about writing. You must write scenes, dialogues, and arguments yourself before you can become good at them. Your experience with writing will help make more sense of the writing tips when you switch to studying.

Many great writers didn’t studying writing. Instead, they just wrote their hearts out until they learned to write well the hard way. You can do that too. Go ahead. Be a martyr if that’s what floats your boat.

Quality. Smuality. You bet. Quantity first and the quality will follow.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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