Reflections at the 200 Post Milestone

Reflections at the 200 Post Milestone

Why do I write this blog?

It’s assumed that bloggers write mainly to increase the page views on their blog and generate advertising revenue. But, I’m using a free WordPress blog and make no money from advertising. Why do I keep writing blog posts?

In the short term, writing blog posts is writing experience.

In the long term, even though it is a free blog, WordPress will allow me to promote my novels.

The two projects, article and novel writing, work against each other in a conflict that is making me a stronger writer. Because my articles are about writing, I use the results of my research in my own writing. Because I’m writing a novel, questions come up that inspire more research and more articles.

If you read Writer on Fire regularly, you know that I have a strong focus on writing faster. You can write a great book that has poor sales because 30,000 other books will be published the same year. The only way to succeed in the ebook publishing world is to write many great books. The more books you have out, the better your chances one will go viral and then all the books you’ve published so far will be in demand.

I don’t have the resources (time or money) for a big promotional campaign. My ebooks won’t be going anywhere based on publicity, so they had better be good entertaining reads. I’m writing an extra revision of my first ebook to ensure it has the elements of a good novel based on my researches into manuscript writing. The outline revision is almost ready. Expect a Novel Report saying I’m starting the re-write this weekend. I’ll be aiming to beat the five months it took for the second revision using what I’ve learned about writing faster.

The necessary ingredients of writing success are to write well and write fast.

The focus of Writer on Fire will continue to be learning to write well and write fast.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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