How Do You Prioritize Your Writing?

How Do You Prioritize Your Writing?

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If you just throw all of your writing in a folder and work on the latest, you can be stuck with a huge pile of unfinished work that falls further and further into the past. How do you avoid this?

The first question is whether you want to avoid this problem. If you write everything through to the end of the first draft, maybe it’s not a problem. You may want material to fall into the past if you don’t need it right away. The first draft is all you need to capture your ideas. They can be revised anytime.

On the other hand, writing that only contains the idea for an article or book may not have enough information to complete the work later. The longer you wait to come back to it, the less you will remember about the original idea.

Most of the time, how far along you’ve taken a piece of writing before moving on depends on how much you care about it.

How I Prioritize My Writing

Writing priorities change. Sometimes I’m hardcore into writing my novel and ignore my blog. Then I wonder how I will spread the word about my book with an inactive blog. I change my priority to the blog and my novel progress suffers. After a month of blogging, I wonder why I’m blogging if I don’t have a novel to promote.

That cycle continued for at least a year before I decided I needed to prioritize and tackle both. I prioritized my writing in two ways.


My main writing interests are my novel and the topics of my blogs. If I was to prioritize them according to importance, it would be;

My crime novel.
Posts about writing.
Short stories.
Posts about psychology.


I also need to prioritize my writing according to urgency. Nobody is waiting for my novel because it will be my first full length published novel. I have to do a good job on it before I publish or nobody will want more. I sometimes spend all day on the novel, but when I prioritize according to urgency, the list is;

Short stories.
Posts about psychology.
Posts about writing.
My crime novel.

The blog topics come first because people will read them right away. They are in the order from the topic with the least finished articles ready to post to the one with the most.

How Do You Prioritize Your Writing?

Those are the ways I prioritize my writing. One well known author, I forget who now, said that the way they write is that they finish everything they start. They have nothing in progress except the thing they are writing at the moment. I do remember it was a novelist who said that, so it stands to reason. Finish one book before starting the next.

I’m sure there are other ways to prioritize your writing. So we come back to the original question. How do you prioritize your writing?

Article by Ivan Izo.


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