Is Writing Hard Work?

Is Writing Hard Work?

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For most writers, the answer is a firm “maybe”. It depends on the writing. Writing an article for a blog that’s been up for a while is easy. Writing an article on a totally new subject is hard. Familiarity makes work easy. Is there such a thing as too easy?

Learning Curves

There is a learning curve to all new work. At first it’s a struggle to get all the needed information and procedures. For example, you decide to write a story set on a sailboat. You’ll need to know enough about sailing for your experienced sailors to talk sense. There will be re-writes as you write while learning about sailing.

When you write material similar to what you’ve written before, it gets easier. You’ve already learned a lot about sailing. There’s not as much to look up.

If you keep on in the same genre or topic area, it becomes easy. Your early sailing stories could have gone in many directions. The paths you ignored now give you lots of ideas for new stories. It almost writes itself.

Don’t Just Learn – Do

When you’re having a hard time with your writing, you’re growing as a writer. You could maximize your growth by always taking on new types of projects. In time, you could master every type of writing, every genre, every topic… But now we can see it’s getting silly. You’re not going to master every topic. There’s no reason to master every genre either. At some point, you need to stop learning and start doing.

Writing gets easy when you repeat the same kind of projects. Writing gets tough when you keep finding new challenges.


We need to find a balance between hard and easy writing.

If you’re working on a 10 book series with the same characters, the writing will be easy after the first book or two. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of the most successful authors write all of their books in the same genre.

If you want to be a real pro writer, you’ll want to make writing hard. Write in more than one genre or on many subjects. You’ll grow more than the writer who has found their niche.

Whether you choose the easy or hard path for your writing, if you publish some books you’ll become an author either way.

Is writing hard work? It depends on whether you’ve found your niche.

Article by Ivan Izo.

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