Novel Report 6 – The Second Draft of Book 5 is Complete

Novel Report 6 – The Second Draft of Book 5 is Complete

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After several interruptions from life, job changes, moving, good times, bad times, the second draft of my current novel is complete.

The outline took 10 months, the first draft 8 months, and the second draft 5 months. I’m speeding up.

My research on writing for blog articles has taught me what is needed for an interesting novel. Boring chapters must go. I have boring chapters to be removed. The tension must keep rising as the book progresses. My current draft has lots of rising tension. The central question of a novel needs to stand out. The central question of my novel doesn’t stand out to my satisfaction.

I must improve my novel before I can publish. I don’t want to put out a novel that isn’t a great read. I must make any changes I know will make it better.

Third Revision

My novel is getting a third revision. The boring chapters will go, reducing the length. A secondary element to the story that could be a cause of great conflict will become more active, increasing the length.

I’m glad I used both a bullet outline and an outline. The bullet outline can be used to write a synopsis of the current story. I can then re-write it as the synopsis for the third draft and use the new synopsis to change my bullet outline and outline. The new outline will guide me through the third revision, telling me what chapters to drop, change, or write from scratch. The result will be a stronger story.

Regular followers of the blog will notice it’s been 14 months since I announced finishing the first draft, but I say I wrote the second in 5 months. I lost 9 months. First, I got bored of my hotel clerk job of 3 years and my focus switched to a job search. The small town I was in didn’t have enough work, so I moved to a bigger city. My new job was in a call center and didn’t go well with writing. Anxiety must be dealt with or it can cause serious mental health problems. I quit the call center and got a menial labor job. Now I’m writing an article a day. After writing the article, I work on my novel.

As I continue writing faster and better, I see two challenges before me. Can I revise my novel into a great read? Can I write the third revision faster than 5 months?

What’s the Name of This Book?

My first title was Dangerous Illusions until I discovered there were already too many books with that title.

Next came My Criminal Life when I had plotted the story as first person point of view. During work on the outline, I switched to multiple points of view and the name no longer fit.

Mistaken Identities worked for a while but didn’t reflect the type of story very well. There were also a lot of books with that title.

A Taste of Blood brought violence into the title but the book mentioned a taste for blood.

A Taste for Blood is the current working title. It’s not a great title because it’s used for several vampire novels. There are no vampires in my story.

My search for a good title continues. What do you call a book about a group of regular people trying to get ahead in life who must deal with gangs and killers?

Article by Ivan Izo.

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