One Paragraph to Beat Writer’s Block

One Paragraph to Beat Writer's Block

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There is no “one paragraph” you can read to beat writer’s block, unless maybe it’s the one you’re reading now. The one paragraph that will wipe out writer’s block is one that you write.

In the place where your writing is blocked, write a paragraph. Forget about making it good. It can be terrible, uninformed, off topic, or even a rant about how you hate the topic or plot point. Just write something so that you’ve started writing.

Writing One Paragraph When Many Projects are Important

When you have more than one writing project, one paragraph is easier to achieve. The only catch is that you’ve got to have something to say on one of the projects. Which project do you want to work on most? Which project do you need to work on most?

If you have a project that pays, you can almost always move forward on that one. Money is a great motivator. Even if it’s not the one you’re stuck on, write a paragraph in the paying project first. Now you’ve done some writing. Go back to the one you really want to work on and get your fingers moving.

If you can’t produce a paragraph on any of your writing projects, see the next section on how to get moving on a single project that stalls.

Writing One Paragraph When You Have Only One Project

This is tougher. You may need to write total garbage to get started. Pointless, you say? But you’ll be writing something. That beats staring at the screen.

A good kind of garbage paragraph is a ramble about what you should be writing. If you can’t move in the direction you want, move in the wrong direction. Don’t be afraid to make a total mess. There’s always revision.

When One Paragraph Isn’t Working

Sometimes you won’t even be able to write one paragraph. You must kill inertia. Write one sentence. Still no progress? One word?

You can always follow the advice of Ryoki Inoue, perhaps the world’s most prolific writer. He says inertia must be killed at all costs, even if you have to type your own name over and over. He’s written over 1000 books, so we know his method works.

That’s a simple solution to writer’s block. Just write something.

Article by Ivan Izo.

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