Refining Your Blog Submission Process

Refining Your Blog Submission Process

Every blogger has a posting plan. If you aren’t worried about every detail, the plan is in your head. If you’re a perfectionist, you have a written plan that covers everything.

You may not need a written plan. I’m going to take you through my plan and you can decide for yourself. You may learn something more you could do for your blog. Conversely, you may see that I’m missing something. Anyway, here it is.

1. Pick one of your finished articles to post.

2. Find a relevant commercial use Flickr photo at compfight (or another free-for-commercial-use site) or use an image of your own. Copy the image name and link into the heading of the article (your word processor file).

3. Sign into your blog host and add the new article.

4. Title the article, upload the pic, and insert it at the head of the article with a link to the creative commons license below it.

5. Copy and paste the text version of the article.

6. Insert html code for blank lines and paragraph formatting.

7. Copy paste your byline and any other code snippets and links you want at the bottom.

8. Make sub-headings “Heading 2” and check that all fonts are black.

9. Check for italics and html code.

10. Add the category, tags, and the more button.

11. Publish and check that the formatting is good and the links work.

12. Add the article url to the heading of the article (the doc file).

13. Update your to-do list for having posted an article.

14. Add the article info to your site book for the blog.

15. Add the article info to your site map file and the blog’s site map if there is one.

16. Add an article reference to the book if you’re writing one related to the article.

17. Sign out of the blog host.

18. Save the word processor article, close it, add the date to the name, and move it from the blog folder to the genre folder.

19. Spread the word on social sites at a time when lots of people are online.

This process is far from what you imagined doing when you started blogging.

If you’re new to blogging, maybe you got some tips. If you’ve been blogging for a while, at least it was a short article.

Article by Ivan Izo.

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