How to Write More by Slowing Down

How to Write More by Slowing Down

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One common reason we don’t get more writing done is that we live in a busy world. We create that busy world ourselves by our life choices.

Your Job

If you’ve chosen a career that demands your attention 12 hours a day, there’s not much you can do about those 12 hours. I hope the money’s worth it. And I hope you take your meals during those 12 hours. The other four to six waking hours are still yours to do with what you want. Many authors have written their books in only a few hours a day and you can too.

Write or review your writing before work. Make your daydreams about your writing and you’ll be ready to go after work.

Daydreaming at work sounds slacking, but it depends on your job. Writing code? Not much daydreaming. Driving taxi? Lots of daydreaming.

Your Social Life

Are you doing favors for others that have no end? Are you refusing to ask for help? Are you meeting with people you don’t know very well and never will because of the type of meeting? What part of your social life makes sense? What part doesn’t?

How much of your busy life is busy just to show that you’re important? You’re needed here. You’re needed there. You’re indispensable.

Kierkegaard noticed that all it took for people to believe he was a social butterfly instead of a busy writer was to briefly pass through the places where the crowds hung out. Limiting the length of social activities frees more time for writing while keeping your social reputation.

Your Hobbies

How do you use your free time? Are you busy with one assignment after another? Where did all of those assignments come from? Are some of them self-imposed hobbies and studies that don’t really interest you any more?

On the other hand, hobbies can be a much needed break from constantly working. If all you do is work and write, the lack of entertainment can become depressing. A good hobby will keep your spirits up.

TV and Internet

We’re really hitting the bottom of the time wasting activities here. Both TV and the internet can be big time suckers.

You know when your favorite shows are on. Why sit and flip through channels when nothing’s on?

Ask yourself how many of your favorite shows are giving you the same story every week. Do you need to catch every show? You do need some entertainment, but try to notice when it gets boring.

The internet can be even worse. Look up one thing and you find yourself following all kinds of interesting links. Are those links doing anything for you?

Video games

This is another thing that can suck up every minute of spare time. I know. I was a gamer for years. I wish I had good advice on how to limit it. I don’t. What cured me was an interest in studying computers. Maybe a new writing project would work too.

How do you write more by slowing down? You find more time to write by cutting back on the non-writing activities. Then you can get more written without being rushed by other things. The path to becoming a successful writer is writing more.

Article by Ivan Izo.

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