Writer on Fire’s 10 Most Motivational Articles

Writer on Fire's 10 Most Motivational Articles

Like most bloggers, I occasionally review my old articles to reduce the odds of repeating myself. There are a few I return to again and again because I find them inspirational. The following articles are the ones I return to most often.

Write More Daily

This one talks about finding more time to write and how to get more written in the time you have available.

Fourteen Ways to Create Multiple Articles

This is my most popular article so far. It describes how to maximize the number of articles you produce after researching a topic.

You Can Write Without Inspiration

Inspiration is overrated. Most writing gets done because of momentum, methodology, and motivation.

Pulp Fiction – Feast or Foul?

Describes how to write short pulp fiction as an exercise to help you write faster.

Five Ways to Reboot Your Article Writing

Presents five methods you can use to change your article writing strategy when you feel like you’ve fallen into a rut.

Nine Places to Get Article Ideas

I’m never short on ideas for articles. This article explains why.

Need More Articles? Write a Book

A short article. The title says it all. Writing a book on the same topic as your blog will inspire you to write more posts.

Prolific Writing Using Caidin Methods

This article goes against conventional wisdom by suggesting you write perfect copy on the first draft. It’s another writing exercise, not a method to use all the time. It could be a good method for writing you want to do but don’t expect to publish.

Prolific Pulp Fiction the Ryoki Inoue Way

Another look at using pulp fiction to increase your writing speed. This one suggests using the methods of the world’s most prolific writer.

Become a Master Writer in Only 10,000 Hours

It’s a cold truth that it takes 10,000 hours practice to become an expert at anything. For a writer, that may mean 10,000 pages. This article presents ways you can get those pages written faster.

These are not Writer on Fire’s 10 most popular articles. These are the ones I find make me write more. And that’s what it’s all about.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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