On Balancing Article and Novel Writing

On Balancing Article and Novel Writing

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Writing success can be like the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare accomplishes a lot in a short time, gets tired, and takes a break. The tortoise takes it slow, doesn’t get tired, and passes the hare to win the race.

We sometimes follow the hare’s philosophy in our writing efforts. I know I have. I will spend four to six hours a day on articles or my novel and get a lot done. I feel like a writer on fire.

Then some milestone is reached and I realize life is missing something. It can’t be all writing, working, eating, and sleeping. Relationships are important. Entertainment is important too. I take a week or two off and then find it hard to get back into the writing groove.

The Japanese literary writer Banana Yoshimoto follows the tortoise’s philosophy. She spends half an hour a day writing. Every day. She has published 12 novels and 7 essay collections. Two of her novels have been made into movies. She’s made it as a writer.

I’m making the change. I like writing experiments. This one sounds like a winner.

Novel Writing

My main writing goal is to write some novels. This is the writing I will do for a half hour a day every day.

I know that I won’t be able to stop at half an hour when it’s going well. It won’t go well every day. It never has. By the time I’ve written enough to be on a roll every day, I will have written several novels. I see two scenarios.

In the first scenario, my novels will have failed and it will be time to give it up.

In the second scenario, my novels will have succeeded and I will have become a writer.

Article Writing

Most of my article writing is for my blogs. My visitor count dropped when I recently increased my posting from every five days to twice a week. This made me look at my blog’s history of posting and visitors. The blog had the most visitors when I posted once a week. That will be my new posting plan.

This doesn’t fit well with Yoshimoto’s half hour a day writing plan. I feel like it will work best as a half hour a day hobby. When my novel writing goes into overtime, article writing is out. When I have a busy day, article writing is out. Three and a half hours a week is plenty of time to write an article and I have many ready for here already.

My mission is clear.

Which are you, the tortoise or the hare? Is your mission clear or are you still looking for the perfect writing plan too?

Article by Ivan Izo.


One thought on “On Balancing Article and Novel Writing

  1. creativityorcrazy May 22, 2013 / 6:50 am

    I’m the tortoise here lately, the slow part any way. I need to pick up on the steady part. Thanks for the info on Ms. Yoshimoto…very interesting and love hearing she was so successful at just 30 min. a day. It’s encouragement for those of us who don’t necessarily have hours every day to write.


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