Turn Your Writing Life into a Life of Writing

Turn Your Writing Life into a Life of Writing

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When your writing life is just one of many things you do in life, it can get sidetracked into a secondary activity. Is it your vocation or avocation? If you’re planning to make it into a career, it needs to take first place. You need to learn to live for writing. You will still live for other interests, but look for ways to have them feed your writing.

For example, let’s say you drive taxi to support yourself until your writing takes off. While driving passengers you can be gathering personalities for your novels, narrative job descriptions, and anecdotes. While waiting for the next call, you can work on revising a rough draft chapter. When you have quiet passengers, you can be thinking about the rough draft. I can’t see much potential for picking up nonfiction material in that job, but there is usually a lot of down time.

The above is something you would do anyway because, in the example, both taxi driving and writing are a big part of your week. All the significant activities in your life have this character. You think about them while doing other things. You think about X while doing Y. If you can make Y all non-writing activities and X writing, you will maximize the amount of writing in your life.

What else can you do to get more writing done?

Minimize Insignificance

You may also have some insignificant activities in your life. These tend to be boxed in, isolated. One I have is DVDs. I don’t think about other things while watching them and I don’t usually think about movies while doing other things. They are an insignificant influence on my writing, so I minimize my time watching movies. I watch almost no TV. I don’t find short films full of ads entertaining enough. Part of making your life into a life of writing is minimizing insignificant activities.

The Search For Writing Material

All of your life experiences can feed into your writing. At first, this will mean you look for things to write about based on your experiences. With practice, this will also become choosing experiences because you can use them for your writing.

Part time jobs, hobbies, vacations, night classes, clubs, and relationships are all sources of information to feed your novels and nonfiction writing. When you’re interested enough to put it in a book, you should be interested enough to live it. There are some limits. If you’re going to write a text about tracking serial killers or a novel about one, you don’t want to live that.

The Meaning Of Life Is Writing

Create your meaning of life around your writing. What is the best life to live? Live it when you write. Make writing part of what is important for living the good life. There are many ways to interpret the good life. For example, eating well may mean eating healthy, eating a lot, or eating in moderation. Make sure writing well and writing daily are part of the good life for you.

Make Your Writing Life-Crisis Proof

In all of life’s ups and downs, your writing needs to survive. Use the downs to write dark characters or tough non-fiction subjects. Use the ups to write positive world building characters and fun non-fiction.

As the years go by, everyone has a tendency to become complacent with their life. That can lead to boredom and boredom leads to dissatisfaction. That’s when major life crises often raise their ugly heads and things fall apart. People change careers, get divorced, change cities, find or lose religion, or otherwise make major changes in their lives. You can keep writing (or anything else you don’t want to lose) from becoming a life crisis casualty by deliberately making changes before it gets boring. Change your non-fiction subject or your fiction genre. Transition between fiction and non-fiction. Add a different kind of writing career. Keep life in your writing and you will keep writing in your life.

Article by Ivan Izo.

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