Using Keywords For Fun And Profit

Using Keywords For Fun And ProfitPhoto license

Keywords in blog posts can be good or bad, depending on how you use them. Google penalizes sites that go overboard with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that includes keyword stuffing; loading articles with every synonym in the thesaurus. The best way to use keywords is to be aware of how keywords work and write lots of good articles.

What are keywords? They are the words people enter in search engines to find information. A keyword rich article has a keyword or set of keywords in the title, in at least one heading within the article and mentioned at least once in the content of the article.

For example, you believe people would search for something like “write more daily”. A Google search shows 288 million results without the quotes and 102 thousand with them. None of the first page results shows an article with that exact title. To create a keyword rich article with those words, call it “Write More Daily”, include a heading like “5 Ways to Write More Daily” and include the words in the body text somewhere.

How to fail with keywords

To fail at keywords, keep using the same keywords over and over in your article until it is annoying to read. The search engines analyze how informative an article is. If you’re repeating the same words, you must not know much. Know your subject before you write so that you’re able to produce a good information-rich article. It will do well with search engines and readers will stay to read what you have to say.

Some article writers use keyword stuffing. That’s finding a list of dozens of related keywords and using them all in an article. For years, this trick worked to increase SEO, but produced articles that were hard to read. Google penalizes keyword stuffing now and search results should no longer show poor quality articles in the lead.

In other words, you get penalized for either too few or too many keywords. Short uninformative articles will fail and so will articles overloaded with keywords. Instead, do your research, write informative articles, and you’ll be fine.

Keywords for fun

The fun way to use keywords is writing lots of interesting and useful articles that people want to read. If you put new articles on your site regularly, it’s popularity should only grow.

Writing lots of articles without studying keyword research is the fun way to use keywords. It can lead to profit just as well as the method below.

Keywords for profit

The danger behind using keyword tools and focusing on search engine optimization is that you’re thinking about statistics instead of your article topics. In the time it takes to analyze and then write one article, you might have written three or four. Those who use keyword tools all the time get around this by writing several articles related to their keyword research.

Which way you decide to go depends on you.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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