Nine Steps to Finding Your Blogging Niche

Nine Steps to BloggingPhoto license

 Before you start a blog, it’s important to find a niche you’ll enjoy writing. Any subject that interests you will become enjoyable to write about with practice. The more you enjoy your writing, the more what you write will be enjoyable to read.

I fell backwards into this writing blog. It was started to document a film project. When that fell through, I continued studying screenwriting and blogged about that. At first, I didn’t enjoy writing about writing. Shouldn’t writing be about something other than writing? But I love both learning and writing and it’s working for me. Writing about writing has become more enjoyable as I’ve continued with several kinds of writing, studied more, and tried new writing ideas as research for the blog. The same can happen for you, but first you need to find your niche.

Nine Steps to Finding Your Niche

1. Find your passions. What have you enjoyed for hobbies and social activities? What have you studied? What jobs have you had? What kinds of websites do you visit? Make a good long list.

2. Review your list and narrow it down. A top three is ideal. Run through steps 3 to 6 for each of the three.

3. Do keyword research for your main subject and categories. The simplest way to do this is to enter each term in a Google search. A rough guide is at least 10,000 hits for the main subject and 5,000 for the categories.

4. Use Google to check the profit potential of your main subject and categories. Do a search for a keyword and count the number of PPC (pay per click) advertisers that come up on the first 10 pages.

5. See how much competition there is by searching for other blogs in the same niche.

6. Decide whether you will be able to write enough to create a blog.

7. Analyze the results of steps 3 to 6 and select your niche.

8. Narrow your niche. For example, don’t write about sports; pick one sport. Review the other blogs in your niche. Look for a way to stand out from the crowd. Have a niche within your niche.

9. Write lots of articles, post them on a schedule you know you can keep up and spread the word through social media and commenting.

These steps aren’t foolproof. A lot can go wrong and will. Every niche will be slightly different and so will the visitors. Persistence is the answer.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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