Eight Article Writing Methods

Eight Article Writing MethodsPhoto license

What follows is not every article writing method. Writing is necessarily messy. Original writing often doesn’t follow any plan. That’s what makes it stand out. But it never hurts to learn as many possibilities as you can.

Methods for Producing One Article at a Time

Method 1: Read, Research, Write

Read books and websites related to your subject until you find something you’d like to turn into your own, hopefully very different, article. Write down the main points. Research until you have enough material for at least one article. Write the article/s.

Method 2: Journal into Writing

Journal until an article idea strikes. Write the idea out and transfer it into a file of rough ideas. Work on it until it’s a rough article and then create a file. Finish the rough article.

Method 3: Stew Until Cooked

This is similar to the Journal Into Writing Method. Get a rough idea for an article, write a passable title and then write out everything you can think of on the topic without trying to put it in any sensible order. When you’re done, revise, rearrange and revise again. There are a lot of misses with this method.

Method 4: The Beast from Silicon Valley

Buy one of those programs that claims to write articles for you. Enter the keywords for your article and click the button to run it. Review the abomination it creates and rewrite it into a decent article. This one doesn’t make any sense to me, but some people think it’s great. Are they writers or editors?

Methods for Producing a Series of Articles

Method 5: Outline and Write

Create an outline of your topic area similar to a book outline. Start with some overview headings that put your topic in context. Next, list all of the major sub-topics. These may need to be listed within major sections such as career types, major schools of thought, and special topics like troubleshooting or minor skill sets. Finish the outline with minor headings within each sub-topic. Use the outline to choose topics to research and write about.

Method 6: Write a Book to Inspire Articles

This is the same as Outline and Write except you keep going. Use the outline to write a book and every page is a potential article. You will be sure to avoid missing anything important. As a bonus, you have a book to sell.

Methods for Producing Several Articles on the Same Topic

Method 7: Templates

Create templates for different kinds of articles. You can find free templates, but it’s better to make them yourself. Each time you create a new one, write some articles as practice. Once you have a few templates, when an article idea strikes, you write a series of articles using all of the templates that apply.

Method 8: Use Article Types

Write several different types of article around the same topic. Here’s a short list of article types:
Definition – explain the meaning of an idea using details, description, analysis, and examples.
Classification – break the idea down into its components.
Compare and Contrast – what other ideas are similar and what seemingly similar ideas are in contrast?
Cause and Effect – describe either what leads to the idea or where the idea leads.
List – A series of related items.
Process Description – what are the steps to take the idea to completion?
Narration – similar to Process Description, but told as a story.

This has been a mixed offering. Most of it suggests an ordered plan, but there’s a bit of chaos. Would you agree it’s those articles that fail to conform that stand out as the best?

Article by Ivan Izo.


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