Counter-Intuitive Blogging


Since I began writing my novel, I’ve been posting a lot less. What is to be done? My solution? I’ve started another blog, Killer Stories.

The reasoning behind this is that working only on my novel has made it start to seem like a second job. That’s not a good thing. Jobs are boring and writing while bored produces boring writing. Can’t have that.

Following my usual method of experimenting with writing, I’ve begun combining blogging and novel writing. Multiple projects mean I can’t easily stall out. There will always be something to write.

The new blog is short fiction. It has the three short stories that were on Ivan Izo’s blog and I’ve added a new story to get things moving. I called the blog “Killer Stories” because I wanted a good short title that would be easy to find. “Killers” was taken. They aren’t all killer short stories. Maybe none are. Most of them aren’t about killers either, but I do like the crime genre. It’s illegal to publish a story in Canada where the dominant theme is crime. I’m using WordPress, so the stories are being published in the UK.

The novel I’m writing has lots of crime, but it’s not the dominant theme. At least, I hope it won’t be evaluated that way. If it is a crime novel, I’ll have to publish it in the US and it will still be sold here because of international trade agreements. Censorship is stupid.

In this new writing experiment, my four projects will be:

1. My novel.
2. Writing articles for Writer On Fire.
3. Short fiction for Killers.
4. Psychology and Philosophy for Takashi Izo’s blog.

Takashi Izo’s blog is the biggest challenge. I refuse to just follow someone else’s psychology or philosophy. That would be easy but I don’t see the point. I knew psycho-analysis before I went to university and got a degree in psychology. I’ve developed my own understanding and theories based on the history of philosophy and psychology.

I have a 33,000 word outline of a book giving my take on the subject. I needed to leave it for a while and live a normal life to make it less academic. Maybe it’s time I wrote it. It would give Takashi Izo’s blog better definition. Then I would have five writing projects.

I believe this experiment will work. I like challenges. I’ve quit good paying jobs because I ran out of challenges. I like to study new things. I like to write in new ways. I’m not piling on the pressure and forcing myself to become a write-a-holic. I’m giving myself more opportunities to write.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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