Need More Articles? Write a Book

Need More Articles? Write a BookPhoto license

Have you been writing articles for a directory or blog and find you’re getting lost? You think of a new article but aren’t sure you haven’t already covered it somewhere. Or it seems like you’re out of ideas but you just know you haven’t exhausted your topic. The solution? Write a book, or at least the outline for one.

Writing the Outline Only

The first stage of writing a book is outlining the chapters and their subtopics. That outline can be a guide for your article writing. Even when no book will follow, creating a good outline will give you the big picture of everything you can write about your topic.

Writing a book on a subject often leads to a second book. The same may happen with your outline. You will often find that finishing the first collection of articles is a setup for another.

Writing a Book to Sell (maybe as an ebook)

Let’s say you have a website about the history of typewriters. You find you are always searching for something new to write about. When you do find something good, you don’t want to post a bunch of articles all on the same sub-topic so you keep searching for more unique ideas. Much research, little writing in return.

To turn that around, write a book. Anything you learn about the history of typewriters can go in the book. The limits are greatly reduced. Chapters can be far longer than any blog post and still keep the reader’s interest. When you need an article for your blog, browse your book-in-progress and pick an area you haven’t written about yet. Much research, much writing.

As a bonus, when the book is complete, you can sell it as an ebook or to a publisher. Even if you have a free blog, you are usually allowed to link to your own works for sale. WordPress allows it.

If you enjoy writing as much as I do, you’ll want to use every technique you can to keep the ball rolling. I wish I found writing nonfiction as enjoyable as writing fiction, but I don’t. Sometimes it’s about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. But, when there’s a plan, everything rolls along so smoothly I could be writing a novel. Those are great writing days.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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