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There’s a great temptation to try and make every one of your blog posts informative and entertaining. But good magazine-quality articles are time consuming to write. If you only post your best writing, you will have fewer posts on your site than other writers in your topic area. Quality versus quantity? Is there a conflict? Not at all.

Go to a the main page of a few blogs you enjoy and check out the article intros and publication dates. Multiple author websites don’t count for this. Notice how the blogs that are publishing several articles a week will often post some short articles or weekly specials. Both techniques can work for you too.

The Weekly Special

This can be fairly easy once you decide what it will be. It may be just as much work as your usual article but it’s a change. Picking an apt subject for your Tuesday Special (for example) can be tough depending on your subject. Some use a weekly roundup of interesting blog posts from other sites. If your topic makes it into the news, there’s another good weekly post. Or maybe there’s one area of your main topic that seems to boost interest in your blog.

The down side of adding one or more weekly specials is that it will take more of your time. If you’re already having trouble finding time for your regular posts, this is not the answer to your article shortage.

How to Create Short Articles by Commenting

Anyone who is serious about increasing their blog’s readership knows about commenting. Tweets, likes and other links to article titles may draw a few visitors but it’s writing interesting comments on other blogs that really draws a crowd. Why is that? Comments show you can write more than just a good title. Or they show you can’t write for beans and don’t attract anyone. If you are good at commenting, you have already developed a talent for writing short articles.

I see three levels of commenting. The lowest is the non-comment. “Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work.”

The next level is a quick relevant note that supports or adds to the article. “Interesting post. I never would have thought there were so many ways to cook bacon. The only thing you missed was frying it up on a hot engine block.”

The highest level is more thought out and could be a blog post itself. You find yourself writing this kind of comment when an article really grabs you and you run with it. It also takes longer to write. I recommend you don’t leave it there.

When you discover you’ve written a comment that looks like an article, grab it. Cut and paste it into a file. Summarize the main point you were making as a comment instead and use the longer comment as the first draft of a blog post. If you comment regularly, you will build up a good reserve of short posts to increase the updates for your blog.

Both commenting on other sites and posting more articles on your site, will increase your blog’s popularity.

Article by Ivan Izo.


2 thoughts on “Quick Bonus Articles – Comment Posts

  1. Mike June 16, 2011 / 6:29 am

    David, here is a 2nd level comment 🙂
    Great article, I’m inclined from time to time to make comments into blog posts, but haven’t yet done it.

    Have you tried any of the “expert directories” (such as SelfGrowth.com) to get more exposure?


    • David Smith June 18, 2011 / 2:06 pm

      I used to let article ideas pass, Mike. Then I realized I wouldn’t remember the idea later. Now I add article ideas to my ideas file as soon as I think of them. Ideas come up for me while commenting, reading, or doing things that have nothing to do with my blogs. Some ideas become articles right away. I’ve even written complete articles in the middle of writing an unrelated article.

      I’m not tempted to write for directories at this time. If I was producing more than an article per day, that would be a good place to post the extras. You need to put up a lot of articles to get noticed. SelfGrowth.com says it has ‘276,136 Self Improvement Resources”. It would be easy for posts to get lost in the crowd. Thanks for the comment. A good one, as always.


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