When Is Your Article Quality Too High?

Is Your Article Quality Too HighPhoto license

High quality should be your goal in everything you write. But, there is such a thing as too much quality. When your visitors can’t follow what you are saying, you lose readers. Sometimes you lose them forever. How can you avoid this unwelcome punishment for trying too hard? Know the signs.

Signs an article is too high quality (and solutions)

1. Readers are having trouble following what you say.

You’ve fallen into the expert’s fallacy; the belief that everyone knows the basics of your subject. Don’t assume that visitors have read all of your other posts. Unless you’re sure information is known by everyone, include it.

How detailed do you need to get? Let’s say you write an article about the top 10 swordfighting techniques. Each item leads with the name of a technique and a brief description. You don’t need the full description of each technique. Readers can look it up if they want to go further. On the other hand, any specialized swordfighting terminology should be explained. Either define it when it comes up in the description or include a glossary as part of the article.

2. The main sections of your article could each be their own article.

Solve this problem by creating the separate articles. This also gives you room to include more details.

It may seem like the separate articles would be too short. More research may help, as will adding introductions and conclusions.

3. An article depends on the reader having read an earlier article.

This should only be the case when the earlier information cannot be presented in summary form. Fix this by starting your article with a link to the earlier post.

Do you see something similar about these signs? In every case, the problem can be avoided by explaining your material clearly. Imagine you are going to read the article to a friend who doesn’t read your writing and isn’t familiar with your topic. Read through your articles when you believe they’re done and look for questions that your friend would ask. Then, answer those questions in the article.

An Exception

There is one kind of high quality article that may be difficult to follow, but should still be posted. Sub-topic summaries. Before writing a series of articles on investment vehicles, for example, you may want to post an article giving an overview of the types available, the risks involved and the costs of each. An overview leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but makes the promise of future answers if readers return to your site.

This is a short list because there are few ways your article can be too high quality. By knowing these issues, you can aim for high quality writing without fear of losing your audience.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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