The Top 5 Paying Article Directories

Top 5 Paying Article DirectoriesPhoto license

When you find that you are able to produce several quality articles every day, it may be time to consider posting to paying article directories. The pay is not great, but there are other benefits.

The Benefits of Writing for Paying Directories

1. A small payment for each article.
2. A commission from popular articles. All paying sites don’t have this.
3. You can put a link to your website in the author resource box.
4. You can point to your user account on the site as proof of your writing ability when applying for freelance writing jobs.
5. You have a reason to write more daily.

Paying Article Directories

I’ve called this article The Top 5 Paying Article Directories. This is also the bottom five. They appear to be the only paying article directories. If you know of others, I’d be glad to hear of them.

Associated Content

Constant Content

Demand Media Studios | Write for eHow



How Many Directories Should You Submit Articles to?

As always when submitting your writing, read the guidelines before submitting. There are two views on submitting to article directories.

One view says to submit to as many sites as will take your work. The logic here is that your work will then be available to the maximum number of people. If you go this route, you will also need a list of non-paying directories. That’s my next post.

The other view says to submit to a small number of directories. The idea behind this is that you build up your credibility as an “expert” on your subject within those directories.

The middle way is to create a prioritized list of directory sites. When you’ve posted a few articles about a new topic on your own website, post all of your extra articles about the topic to your list of directories until they’re all gone. This way, the directory you like best always gets the most articles from you and you don’t have a large number of unused articles.

Using article directories is just good business sense. You’ve maximized your writing output from your research and put your writing out there where it can work for you.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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