Meme Your Way to Writing Success

Meme Your Way to Writing SuccessPhoto license

First off, I should say that a meme is an infectious idea. “One Person, One Vote” and “Might Makes Right” are both memes. A meme can be either good or bad for you.

You often pick up memes without realizing it. When a song gets stuck in your head, it’s a meme. It’s the same with advertising jingles. Are those the words you want to be thinking?

Motivate Yourself

Short meaningful sayings are the most effective memes. This is where your success comes into the picture. You can create memes for yourself as motivational aids.

When I wrote almost every day, my meme was,

I need to write more often.

Then I changed it to,

To journal daily is to write daily.

Journaling was already part of my writing, but the new meme with “daily” in there got me writing every day. There was a lot more journaling at first, but soon new writing ideas appeared in the journal. I had so many ideas that I needed a second meme,

Writing articles and books is moving forward.

Writing a lot is good. Finished work is even better. This new meme inspired me to add a “Completed Articles” column to my Word Count tables. The first week, I was finishing an article every day. The second week, two or three.

Shorter ideas are better, but I have had long ones that have worked. To create memes that effectively help you achieve your goals, ask yourself what is the one thing you could do or change that would most help you move forward. Write it out. Don’t worry about how long the sentence is at first. You just want the idea on paper (or screen). Now look for a way to shorten it so it’s easier to remember. When you’re doing the first idea on a regular basis, work on a meme for the next step.

Motivate Others

This same method can be used to get others interested in your article titles, ads, links, tweets, or anything where you want to generate interest. The title of this article could be a meme. Once you know and apply the concept, you may “Meme Your Way to Success” on a regular basis.

Just because you believe you’ve found a meme doesn’t mean it will be effective. If it’s an old idea or already popular, it’s not likely to stick. If it’s more than 20 words, it’s hard to remember. Seven words or less seems to be the most effective.

Like everything, practice makes perfect. The more one liners you write, the better you will get at finding infectious ideas.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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