How to Become an Authority Figure

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Authority figures acquire a huge number of followers. As a result, they are the people making the most money. To become an authority figure, you first need to become an expert in your field. Once you’re a recognized expert, your recommendations sell products. When you become an authority, your recommendations can make and break businesses.

The Basics of Becoming an Authority – Become an Expert

You need to do the following to become an expert before you can become an authority.

1. Learn everything important about your subject and keep learning.

2. Be helpful.

3. Get endorsed by other experts in the same field.

4. Get testimonials from your followers.

5. Create evidence of your expertise. Take courses and certifications. Win contests and awards.

6. Write a lot.

Write extensively about what you already know. You may believe that everyone knows what you know, but that isn’t the case. There are beginners in your subject who are desperately seeking basic knowledge. Try to cover every possible question someone could have about your subject.

Make your writing highly visible. Don’t put everything on your own site. Spread your writing around. Become an expert in article directories, related blogs, and magazines. Produce books and ebooks.

Link your writing. When you write a magazine article, mention your latest book. When you achieve expert status at an article directory, blog about it. Every place you write is a chance to mention the other places you write.

Look for areas of your subject where you are weak, research them and write articles. The research educates you further and these will be sub-topics that others also find difficult.

Make the Jump From Expert to Authority

To become an authority you need to stand out from the crowd. Great writing has plenty of competition. You need a unique draw to capture an audience.

1. Find common wisdom that is wrong and debunk it.

2. Be the first to write about new innovations because you’re reading the rather dry science or industry white papers related to your subject.

3. Be a pack leader, not one of the pack. Never sacrifice truth for popularity. Popularity may make you a celebrity, but at the cost of your expert status.

4. Do what you find most difficult. Everyone has these areas. Deal with it and beat your weaknesses.

5. Bring your points across using the facts, not by attacking the opposition.

6. Go beyond, “Just the facts”. Give your opinion based on your knowledge.

7. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t be above the community. Be part of it.

8. Write with authority. Avoid modifiers.

9. Study other authorities. Who are the leaders in your field?

10. Write a book. This is the top way to become an authority. Then, write more books.

There’s a lot of work to becoming an authority figure. You may think you don’t have it in you to do everything that is necessary. When you do your best, you will be surprised at the results. Even if you don’t become a top authority, you can certainly become more successful.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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