Write Multiple Articles on a Topic

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After spending the time to learn a topic well, you will have more than just one article’s worth of material. Any subject will have a big picture, various processes and lists of tips and tricks. That’s at least three articles right there.

Whether you’re writing for someone else or your own website, you won’t want to keep giving your readers articles about the same subject. Variety is more interesting. Well then, why would you want to write the extra articles?

Why You Want to Write Extra Articles

There are many places you can use unique articles on a topic.

1. Future posts on the same site.

2. Articles exclusively for your newsletter subscribers.

3. Guest posts on sites in the same niche as you.

4. Article directories.

5. Ezines.

6. Print magazines.

7. Newspapers.

Write as many articles on a topic as you can while the research is fresh in your mind. You will write more articles in a day when you stick to the same topic than if you jump from one topic to another. The more articles you can submit to other locations, the more links you will get sending readers to your site.

Unique Articles

You might be tempted to submit a piece to an article directory after it’s been on your site for a while. Some article directories allow that. Don’t do it. When the same article appears in two places on the net, search engines may flag all versions as possible plaigarism and not list them. You don’t want that.

The best articles are completely unique. If your research has been thorough, you should be able to come up with a good list of article titles by reviewing your notes. Use the titles to create outlines for each and then write them quickly. These are the first draft versions. Read through them and remove or re-write articles that are too similar. If similar articles are long, you can make two different articles by cutting different sections in each. Finally, turn them into final drafts by going into editorial mode and making them shine.

Distance Your Site Post from the Other Articles

If you’re posting one of the articles on your site immediately, delay posting the related articles in other places. That way, when someone finds your article elsewhere and follows the link to your site, the first thing they find isn’t another article on the same topic. They should only find the original variation after reading several articles.

Again, good research notes are key to writing a variety of informative and distinct articles on each subject you write about. With practice you will develop techniques that allow you to write a greater number of pieces on every subject you research. Ten articles is a nice upper limit to go for. Eventually, you will work out your own methods and it will get easy.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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