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The Rambling Writer

Writing projects can be a lot of fun or a lot of frustration. Working on only one project at a time can concentrate your focus and put the piece on the fast track. The downside is, if you get stuck you’re not writing until you break through the block.

It is a lot more interesting to work on multiple projects. Get stuck on one and switch to something different. The only bad part of this plan is that some pieces may get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes a topic that is fascinating to you now, doesn’t interest you at all when you come back to it later.

Project Overload?

I prefer having lots of projects.

Right now, I have over 80 articles in progress. These aren’t all writing articles. There are also articles on psychology (motivation, positivity, productivity, dealing with specific problems), philosophy, comparative religion, learning, web design, entrepreneurship, and short fiction.

Most of the time, I work on the six articles with the latest time stamp. If I need a finished article for a specific purpose, to post on a blog for example, I’ll work on articles of that type.

I’m also working on two non fiction books and a novel.

The first non fiction book is a philosophy of psychology that was started several years ago. The 30,000 word outline(?) was too academic for my taste. I didn’t want to publish a textbook. I wanted to produce something that could help real people in the real world. It stayed in it’s manila envelope for several years waiting for the right time to be rewritten in less esoteric terms. That time has begun.

The second non fiction book is on making money online with writing. It was originally meant to just organize my notes as I studied all of the many details and variations of this enterprise. When it passed 30,000 words, I realized I was writing a book.

The novel is about gamers who accidentally get mixed up with organized crime. I’m not saying they become criminals but they attract the attention of a local gang and things get complicated.

To top it off, I have a writing project based on a true story that may be a biography, action novel, documentary script or a fictional screenplay based on the true story. This project is complicated a bit because it’s a friend’s story and we’re having some trouble agreeing which format to go with.

More Projects

If only life were so simple that we could pick our career and work on nothing but that. It isn’t. Like most people these days, I’m a lifelong learner. I read widely and find new things to learn regularly. Some are easy because reading satisfies my curiosity. Others can be quite time consuming because true knowledge comes from practice. Read, practice, repeat until you’re not learning anything new. That’s one kind of additional project.

Another is social activities. Where would we be without those?

Then there are money making ventures. One recent case of this for me was cascading style sheets. If I’m going to write for the internet and have a variety of blogs and websites, that’s a good subject to know. I knew nothing. Somehow I had the impression that CSS was just a file defining font sizes. It’s much more than that. There’s a lot to it and it’s fun to work on. The only down side is that it took up a lot of my time and I never got much writing done. Good thing I don’t have a popular website.

Reading has to go in here. If I didn’t love reading, I wouldn’t be a writer. Even though I pass books along after I read them, I always seem to have a large collection. With the internet, it gets even worse (actually, better). We can read up on any subject we like. A great way to waste time and as Bertrand Russell said “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”


If my goal was to show that a writer can ramble, I believe I’ve made my point. Compared to working at a job, the writing life has a great deal of variety. One day I’m working on a novel; the next I’m writing articles about psychology or researching freelance copy writing.

Now if only there was an easy way to make money writing. There is no easy way to make money at anything. The easier it is to do something, the more people do it, the more the market gets saturated and the less it pays. It’s a lucky thing that full length books are such a challenge.

People who blog about blogging say that you shouldn’t talk about your personal life on your blog. I’ve broken that rule here. I think I’ll get away with it. I’m writing about writing. Is it any different than blogging about blogging?

Time to write more articles.

Article by Ivan Izo.


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