Writing a Screenplay: Part 4 of 4 – Final Drafts








Writing a Screenplay: Part 4 of 4 – Final Drafts

I seem to have said everything there is to say about the multiple draft screenwriting process with the last post. Each of the steps I follow naturally leads to the next.

A completed first draft is a second draft. When the second draft is complete it’s the final draft.

My alter ego, Izo, has offered to write a guest post with his take on the screenplay writing process.

Master Your Craft

When engaged in any art, reaching your goal can be your only concern.

Start your day with your art. Ignore all else.

Do not prepare to work. Work.

The master samurai rises in the morning and begins training. The master writer rises in the morning and begins writing.

The master samurai is a master because of this discipline. You will be a master writer because of this discipline.

The samurai who does not practice becomes a servant in his shogun’s household. The writer who does not practice becomes a servant.

Practice as if there is nothing more important in the world. This is the path of mastery.

Talent does not matter. Feelings do not matter. Situation does not matter. Money does not matter. All falls by the way, when you focus on your goal.

Your god given talents will not make you great. Your training will not make you great. Your connections will not make you great. Action will make you great.

When distractions interfere with your goal, cast them aside. When the same distractions appear repeatedly, destroy them utterly. When the distractions are people, remove yourself from their presence. Nothing must stand in your way.

Master Your Day

When you rise in the morning, write freely until you reach your daily goal.

Then revise until your writing day is done.

Move on to other things for the rest of the day. Life experience is essential to good writing.

Carry a notepad while you enjoy your evening. Add ideas and outlines to it. Transfer the best from the notepad into your writing files at the end of the day.

So immerse yourself in your art that you dream about it.

Master Yourself

Others are ruled by their passions, instincts and lusts. Let your passion be your art. Your instinct to create. Your lust a lust for success.

A happy life demands control of the animal side. Work toward what you would accomplish. Great effort brings great success.

Place your focus on what you would achieve. Do not focus on what you do not want to do. What you focus on is what you will move toward.

Focus on the good. Focus on your art. Focus on success.

Master yourself. Master your craft.

Article by Ivan Izo.


One thought on “Writing a Screenplay: Part 4 of 4 – Final Drafts

  1. Lorna December 14, 2009 / 10:42 pm

    Hi David, I looked the blog all over reading some as I went – very interesting and informative. You have sure been busy.


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