Writer on Fire is Moving to IvanIzo com

Writer on Fire is Moving to IvanIzo comPhoto License

 After nine years of blogging using a free blog at WordPress.com, I decided it was time I got my own domain. Writeronfire.com was already taken so I got the domain name IvanIzo.com instead. If I was starting from nothing, I could have tried a few different blog names, but the blog has been Writer on Fire since 2010. I can’t change it now.

The IvanIzo.com link goes to my new site but it won’t have the Writer on Fire posts immediately. I want my current subscribers to get some notice of the move before they stop getting new post notifications at a time when I’ll be posting more than ever. There’s more on this below under What about My Subscribers?.

The subtitle of Writer on Fire is “Ivan Izo on Writing for Fun and Profit”. I’ve had fun writing 229 articles on my free blog at WordPress.com. My posts on writing articles, short stories, and novels have been fun to write and well received. But what about the profit side of writing?

Writing for Profit

WordPress.com allowed me to advertise my own books but was otherwise for non-commercial use. Because of that, I never looked deeply into how bloggers make money. I have some idea how it’s done and as I do it I’ll be writing articles about it. These won’t be instead of the ones on writing. They’ll be in addition.

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